About Icetea Platform


Blockchain is a useful and revolutionary technology which is getting a lot of attention in recent years. However, despite much anticipation, no significant blockchain adoption has been observed.

Icetea is designed to enable the first useful, accessible, and widely-adopted decentralized application (dApp). In the long run, it aims to be a viable decentralized alternative to cloud computing platforms.

The blockchain industry is yearning for the first "killer app" to validate this technology. Although plenty of blockchains exist with billions of USD invested, such an application remains elusive. If Icetea can do that, it is a game-changer.

What is Icetea?

Icetea is an international-level, made in Vietnam platform, designed to develop decentralized applications using blockchain technology. It’s optimized to tackle various real-world problems, especially those related to dapp UX, to the highest standard of practice and efficiency demanded from the non-stop technological industry nowadays.

The platform consists of a public blockchain (the Icetea blockchain) plus several dapp developer support services, including identity service (Icetea ID), document storage service (DocuGuard), and Oracle service (Decentralized Gate).

Vision & Mission

Icetea Platform’s sole goal is to enable the first useful, accessible, and widely-adopted blockchain application - one that can easily be used by many people across various businesses, even those who do not have deep knowledge about technology. Such an application would validate blockchain technology, infuse trust, and open the door to a new era of dApps.

The final, long-term goal is to offer a viable alternative platform comparable to cloud computing application platforms. Developers then could choose either centralized or decentralized technology, or a combination of both, depending solely on the value of application data and trustworthiness of relevant parties instead of the maturity and usability of the underlying technology.

What does Icetea help?

The blockchain landscape and roadblocks

The blockchain’s chaotic gold rush will be over soon. When the dust settles, only the ones who solve real-world problems and bring value to people will survive and prosper. However, blockchain applications nowadays still put heavy burdens on users. Indeed, while the benefits blockchain promises are abstract and ambiguous, the friction it introduces is very concrete and immediate.

Icetea’s distinctive and practical approach

Icetea puts an end to the friction in dapps' UX to make decentralized applications (dApps) more approachable for end-users, to the point that they will not notice those are built on blockchain. At the moment, none of the current blockchains can do that. Our mission is to realize the world’s first killer blockchain app - one that is used by millions.