Token Economics

Token Information

  • Token Name: TEA token
  • Token Symbol: TEA
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000

TEA token is an Ethereum's ERC-20 token. In the future, when Icetea blockchain launches the mainnet, TEA token holders can swap ERC-20 TEA token for native TEA coin at the rate of 1 for 1.

Token Utility

  • Payment for transaction fees (computation & storage)
  • Staking for validators to earn share of block rewards
  • Staking to participate in the chain's governance process and earn rewards for voting on proposals
  • Payment for Icetea Platform & partners' services (Icetea ID, DocuGuard, etc.)

Token Allocation

Token Allocation

Token Sales

Sale Rounds

Total Supply: 200,000,000 TEA

Round Amount
Seed 8M (4%) 0.03 240K Jan 4 Jan 11 6M USDT
Private 28M (14%) 0.06 1.68M Jan 15 - 12M USDT
Public 10M (5%) 0.12 1.2M Feb or Mar - 24M USDT
  • Total Token For Sales: 46,000,000 TEA (23% of Total Supply)
  • Total Fund Raised: 3,120,000 USDT (estimated)


  • The rate of Seed round is set in ETH. The rate in USDT is approximate.
  • The numbers for Private Sale and Public Sales are planned numbers and might change slightly depending on market and business conditions. However, the total number of token for swap for these 2 rounds are determined 19% of total supply

Usage of Fund Raised

Usage of Fund

Token Release Schedule

Release Summary

  • Seed & Private: 40% at 90 days after swap day, then 20% each 90-day period over 3 periods
  • Public: Release all at listing event
  • Team & Advisors: 25% each 6-month period over 4 periods
  • Validators: 2% each month since mainnet launches. Refer to Validator Tokenomics section for more details.

Circulating Supply by Month

Circulating Suply

Note Team in the charts includes Team & Advisors.

Validator Economics

To attract dapp developers and users, Icetea's transaction fees are cheap, just enough to prevent spamming. Therefore, to ensure validators profitable, most of validators' rewards should come from other sources.

Icetea blockchain reserves 12% of total supply for Validator Reward Fund (VR Fund). That is 24M TEA.

The VR Fund will be used up after 5 years. In the first 3 years, the entire validator rewards come from this fund. From year 4 onward, Icetea platform starts to mint TEA gradually to compensate the validators.

Year No. of
VR Fund
1 ~ 3 30 480,000 0 16,000 TEA
4 ~ 5 50 280,000 370,000 13,000 TEA
6 onward 100 0 1,000,000 10,000 TEA

In the first 3 years, each validator earns 16,000 TEA as monthly reward. At the TEA price of Public Sale, that is worth 1920 USDT. Monthly validator reward in TEA decreases in later periods. However, as we expect TEA price to increase in the long run, the monthly validator revenue converted to USDT should improve.

All of the validator economics parameters (including the number of validators) are subject to Icetea blockchain governance process. As a result, Icetea blockchain can alter itself to adapt to the changing economic environment.